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    Description: 571 KB, Personal Info Managers, Business, iAlarm, X Ultrasoft

    vers 2.03 iAlarm

    iAlarm is back and ready to compliment or replace your old alarm clock at home or on the go. iAlarm harnesses the power of your Mac to wake you you up with your iTunes music, local weather, news podcasts, custom messages and even an old style beep. The new interface is simple to use, and advanced users can even create their own custom AppleScripts to be executed by iAlarm. Additionally, iAlarm can wake your Mac from sleep to sound your alerts in the morning and is compatible with the Apple Remote. You can use the Apple Remote to snooze your alarm from your bed, adjust the volume or skip to the next track. Best of all, iAlarm is free to use. I ask for a $5.75 donation if you enjoy the product.

    Featured iMac SNG.IALARM.3.03.DMG [662 kbytes]
    Version on Mac Pro v_2.5_iAlarm_2A0k6T.zip [645 kbytes]
    MacOS smy-iAlarm-ver-4.03.app [622 kbytes]
    Version on 10.11 RET-2.6-IALARM.APP [628 kbytes]
    Version for Sierra IALARM-VERS-2.7-C1Z.APP [536 kbytes]

    X Ultrasoft
    Official: http://www.xultrasoft.com/iAlarm/index.html

    Best 10.12.5 PDF417ENCODER-VER.-1.9-ACLFX.APP 1.8
    Featured El Captan IBACKUPBOT-V.5.7.0-6KRMX.DMG 6.6.0
    OS X MINION.2.0.W64H.TAR.GZ 1.3
    Best to MacBook Pro FJ6i_DICOM_Gateway_version_1.5.zip 1.6
    Best High Sierra PrW8.Landscape.Design.v.17.2.7.pkg 17.0.11
    iMac ORDERS.VERS.1.8.KPX.APP 3.4

    {553 kbytes} App AIx1K iAlarm v 2.6 2.5 Updated version
    {468 kbytes} iAlarm 2.4 27fhwN 4.03 to 10.12.4

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