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    Mornings is a beautiful alarm clock app for your Mac. Wake up to your own music and snooze using your Apple remote. Features in detail: - Many original sounds: cow moo, several ringers, "System Activated" voice, a buzzer, a rooster (perfect for mornings, and more!) - Import your own sounds! If you have MP3 or WAV files on your computer, you can use them too - Use an iTunes playlist. Music in the list will play when the alarm goes off! Multiple themes to display the time, each with color choices! - Classic LCD: just like the clock next to your bed: in red, calculator "black/gray", and multiple vibrant colors (strawberry, bluish, green, sunrise!) - Modern: elegant text with a subtle shadow, with a variety of colors.Two animated themes: - Animated: Time "fireworks" - Animated: Spacetime - All themes support 24-hour or 12-hour time, based on your Mac clock settings. Multiple alarms, each with unique sound - Set alarms to repeat once, daily, or on some days of the week - Set multiple alarms. For example, you can set an alarm to go off at 9 a.m. and another at 11 a.m., if you and your spouse have to wake up at different times. - Snooze with a big snooze button or using the Apple remote.

    Featured iMac mornings_version_2.1_51xrz.zip | 18398 kb |
    Recomended 10.14.2 MORNINGS.VER..4.0.C8QPHB.APP | 17258 kb |
    Best! version mornings_v.2.3_9kyv.zip | 17096 kb |
    Recomended! version TC7YF.MORNINGS.V.3.0.DMG | 19375 kb |

    Ready Tap Go
    Official site: http://www.readytapgo.com/app/mornings
    Software key 2.0 Mornings

    iMac T9A_ROBOMONGO_V.0.9.1.PKG | 14254 KB | 2.9.0
    Recomended 10.11.5 KQOW_V_2.8.6_POWERTICKER_X.PKG | 3981 KB | 4.8.3
    on MacOS LogViewer_for_Time_Machine_v.1.8_RcEd.app | 1192 KB | 3.05
    to iMac VXMRLV-RANK-TRACKER-8.26.13.PKG | 254391 KB | 9.26.11

    | 15467 kbytes | Free Mornings vers 4.0 ZFd7q 2.1 Version Mac mini
    | 15956 kbytes | App vers.2.4 Mornings FhoK 2.1 to El Captan
    | 13514 kbytes | Get 4.0 Mornings X62j5 2.3 Recomended to MacOS
    | 14002 kbytes | Software v.2.3 Mornings O4Ewbd 2.2 Featured to Mac mini

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